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Mamacha Carmen

Between Cusco and the Manu National Park lies a remote town called Paucartambo (Paucartambo province, Cusco district). Paucartambo called itself the folklore province of Peru and the best time to explore this is during the celebration in honor of the Virgen del Carmen. Every year, between 15 and 18 July the town attracts thousands of visitors, the majority of them Peruvian. Continue reading


Rise And Shine

Nature rules us all and makes us do crazy things. Going on a two-hour ride at one in the morning is one of them. The destination? Tres Cruces in the Manu National Park, known as the world’s best place to watch a sunrise. Continue reading


El Superclásico

The ultimate rivals in Peruvian football are Universitario de Perú and Alianza Lima. Twice a year these teams fight a war, with thousands of fanatic soldiers in the stands. “U” and Alianza met at Estadio Monumental in the district Ate yesterday, and the atmosphere was an electric example of South American football passion. (Pics follow later) Continue reading


Cuy Jimmy Saves The Netherlands

`We` are in the final. Can the Dutch win the World Cup? As you could read here before, Lima is quite orange mad and a lot of people hope that la naranja mecanica can win a first world title (and they passionately hope for a Spanish loss). Too bad that the cleverly predicting Octopus Paul is not on our side.

But there is hope! Continue reading


Travelling Mad

Getting from a to b in Lima is an adventure by itself. Last week I was invited for a dinner in El Agustino, a district north of the city centre. I took the public microbus to get there. From Jesus Maria in Lima`s centre to El Agustino the ride took about one hour. Jump on! Continue reading


Residencial San Felipe

My residence in Lima is the Residencial San Felipe in the district Jesus Maria. It is a green area with 10-stories high concrete flats between the Avenidas Salaverry and Gregorio Escobedo. This video gives a nice inpression of this part of the city. Continue reading


Don´t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

When I was a little boy, my parents wanted me to go to bed at 8 o’clock point. No matter how much I tried to be silent and behave modest, the undeniable call always came at the same horrible moment. Because of that, I eagerly looked forward to my birthday. This earned me 15 extra minutes of quality time.

Well…. why do I tell you this? Continue reading


¡Vamos Holanda!

What a match! Every single person with orange-coloured blood running through his/her veins must have been excited with the Dutch performance against Brazil. At Lima’s Plaza de Armas, about 25 Dutch fans couldn’t believe they were watching a historic game. At 10:45 am local time, the tension transformed into an orange party. Continue reading


High And Low

Colourful, noisy, great differences, messy. People who would have asked me about my expectations on Lima, probably became these answers. Now that my plane has landed on Jorge Chavez International Airport, I know I was quite right on this one. Continue reading


Welcome to CUY CON PAPAS!!!

(The obligatory opening post) You just landed on my personal ‘single-issue monthly e-magazine’ about living in Peru. Thank you for showing interest. I will write about things that occur, things I expect, things that surprise me, take me by the hand or make my heart beat faster. To kick things off, I explain the name CUY CON PAPAS. Just in case you wondered. Continue reading