Welcome to CUY CON PAPAS!!!

(The obligatory opening post) You just landed on my personal ‘single-issue monthly e-magazine’ about living in Peru. Thank you for showing interest. I will write about things that occur, things I expect, things that surprise me, take me by the hand or make my heart beat faster. To kick things off, I explain the name CUY CON PAPAS. Just in case you wondered.

A cuy is a guinea pig (Cavia porcellus, Dutch: cavia, German: Meerschweinchen). Yes, indeed it is that small, sweet, furry and adorable pet that gives us all so much love and tenderness. That friendly little rodent who sleeps during the day, and gets active when the night falls. A children’s friend, easy to handle and tame.

In Peru, the locals enjoy this animal in another way. When the fur is stripped off and the fire is high, it roasts quite nicely into a tasty dish. On a coal grill the meat gets really tender. It combines perfectly to the next ingredient: a papa is a potato, of which Peru has about 4,000 (!) sorts. Put these two lovely ingredients on a plate, add some small veggies and you’re done. Cuy con papas is one of the main dishes in Perus culinary heaven.

This culinary heaven will turn up regularly in this e-magazine, just like local food, local daily life, local sports, local news, and local politics. Whatever is local. Between June 28 and July 29, you are invited to join me. I will enjoy reading your comments, questions and suggestions.


3 Comments to “Welcome to CUY CON PAPAS!!!”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a big, fat, juicy guinea pig. In China they eat dogs, in Finland they eat moose and in The Netherlands they eat rookworst, that’s a littlebit of all. Have a nice time and bring a souvenir!

  2. Enjoy your meal! I won`t bring you cuy, though. That`s not allowed in the airplane;-)

  3. Dag Kasper,
    Dit is weer een heel ander verhaal dan Berlijn!
    Interessant. Zal jouw blog met belangstelling volgen.
    Het is trouwens: 10-storeys met een y.
    10-stories is een heel ander verhaal;-)
    Con un saludo atento
    Juan Pedro Panadero Montes de arena hdN.

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