¡Vamos Holanda!

What a match! Every single person with orange-coloured blood running through his/her veins must have been excited with the Dutch performance against Brazil. At Lima’s Plaza de Armas, about 25 Dutch fans couldn’t believe they were watching a historic game. At 10:45 am local time, the tension transformed into an orange party.

Like almost every capital city on the planet, Lima organizes a FIFA licensed Fan Fest in its city centre. The historical Plaza de Armas, with its huge cathedral and large government buildings in colonial style, is the perfect place to set up a huge screen and enjoy the World Cup. Peruvian television, fans from the competing countries, and thousands of football crazy locals gathered to watch The Netherlands beat Brazil.

The Brazilian fans (about as many as the Dutch) were disappointed, but they took the loss in a fair way. After the final whistle both groups enjoyed the party together. The most heard remark: ‘Where are the cervezas?’


3 Comments to “¡Vamos Holanda!”

  1. I wonder, will the people of Peru now support the last remaining South American country Uruguay, like the whole African continent supported Ghana?

    I don’t think that’s the case in Europe. Worst case scenario: us all supporting Germany???

    Hopefully, we won´t have to find out….

  2. One week ago, the whole of South America was hoping for a complete latino-semi-lineup. Now that Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay are out, everybody wants Uruguay to win. Except me, that`s for sure.

  3. Hat ich doch gar nicht so unrecht, als wir das Match im Fernsehen sahen , meinte ich zu Jaime: “Sicher sieht Kaspar das jetzt in Lima.”

    Als “Multiputi” habe ich es da sehr gut: Mein Herz flattert immer zwischen den spielenden Ländern, natürlich nehme ich Partei ich für alle lateinamerikanischen Länder ein, nachdem man mich dort sozialisierrt hat, und bei den afrikanischen Ländern bibbere ich mit meinen afrikanischen Verwandten, als Frankreich verlor, habe ich meinem französischen Bruder gesagt, mit México bleibt der Sieg in der Familie, und falls Holland oder Deutschland gewinnt, so freut es mich in jedem Fall als Europäer.

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