Cuy Jimmy Saves The Netherlands

`We` are in the final. Can the Dutch win the World Cup? As you could read here before, Lima is quite orange mad and a lot of people hope that la naranja mecanica can win a first world title (and they passionately hope for a Spanish loss). Too bad that the cleverly predicting Octopus Paul is not on our side.

But there is hope!

In Peru, Cuy Jimmy (guinea pig Jimmy) predicts something very different! So who is right? Cuy Jimmy or Pulpo Paul? We will see on Sunday. (Jimmy better be right, otherwise I fry him con papas.) 


One Comment to “Cuy Jimmy Saves The Netherlands”

  1. Hi !the cuy jimmy is very fanny , the peruvian people are are very creative but in this case all smell like a little bit “BAMBA” ….

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