Rise And Shine

Nature rules us all and makes us do crazy things. Going on a two-hour ride at one in the morning is one of them. The destination? Tres Cruces in the Manu National Park, known as the world’s best place to watch a sunrise.

Sitting on an Andean mountain top, packed in blankets and sleeping bags to face the astonishing cold, nothing can spoil a view on one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. Except nature itself: by throwing a thick pack of clouds between the mountains. On a clear day, the view carries well into the Peruvian jungle and even some parts of Amazonia are visible. Not this time, though.

On my way to Cusco, I had the luck to see a brilliant sunrise from the plane, with colours changing from yellow into red, orange, purple and gold. Before visiting Tres Cruces (one of the most eastern Andean slopes) I had great hopes of an even more magical experience. The sunrise itself turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. On the other hand, being above the clouds gave a great impression of the height (about 4000 m). It is like flying in an aircraft with both feet on the ground of Mother Nature.


2 Comments to “Rise And Shine”

  1. Geweldig Kasper, dat je dat gezien hebt, dit moet wel een overweldigende ervaring zijn.
    Gr. Nell

  2. Hoi Kasper, Nog even een reactie op dit verhaal. Ik heb deze twee situatie als één gelezen en had later pas door dat juist de zonsondergang een teleurstellende ervaring was. Jammer.
    Gr. Nell

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